Rezillient Gold Expedition on Dartmoor 24th – 27th July 2017.

We were the assessors for three Gold DofE teams from Rezillient based in Warwickshire.

We met the leaders and 3 teams on the Sunday night and were already impressed with the planning and communication.

Andy Bacon, the Director of Rezillient and also the main Supervisor was excellent both in his supervision which was just at the right level between remoteness and caring, as were the other leaders, Lexi, Dave and Mark. They had a really good set up and as the teams were really spread out kept us well informed of progress as we did the same for them.

The 3 teams were excellent. Their bonding and spirit were amazing. Navigation good on the whole and were able to readjust to any minor errors made. Campcraft also was good, all looking after each other and putting in their fair share of the work.

We both thought that Rezillient was one of the best units we had assessed for.